FEARLESS is an annual charity initiative created by Dan Lim | The Moto Foto that bridges communities together for a common cause. The centerpiece of the one night event revolves around a curated art exhibition featuring original artwork produced by Dan Lim to raise funds for Diabetes Canada.


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Dan Lim | The MOTO FOTO

Dan Lim is a Toronto based photographer whose distinguished approach towards people and fashion has set him apart throughout his career as a sought-after Visual Artist. With over 35 years of experience, Dan has applied a strong focus towards another one of his passions - motorcycles. Under the pseudonym The Moto Foto, Dan captures the unique nature of the Moto-Community and what makes this lifestyle so special and alluring to many. 

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With over 25 years of creative industry experience, SJ+A has gradually morphed it's selective artist representation model into a boutique agency. Today, the team at SJ+A facilitates their clients creative process by providing innovative solutions for visual media, live show and event production, as well as national and global campaign development and fulfillment. 


We are grateful to Dan Lim/The Moto Foto for the commitment to supporting Diabetes Canada in making a difference in the lives of those living with or affected by diabetes. Thanks to friends like Dan, 2,500 youth with type 1 diabetes and their families are able to attend our D-Camps program annually, and we are able to fund world-leading Canadian diabetes research.
— Maria Petri, Ontario Regional Director.